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Corvina Filets
(Skin off, bone out)
$16.99 per pound
Pre-order by Wednesday, June 19
Available Friday, June 21

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Corvina is closely related to the drum and croaker. Corvina inhabits warm-temperate and tropical waters. Corvina is a white firm fish similar to sea bass. It has a mild, sweet taste with firm, large flaked flesh. Pinkish when raw, but cooks up white. Ceviche is a popular recipe for this species. Corvina is harvested by bottom trawl, gillnet, and handline.

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Steamer Buckets are back.

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Colmar Steamer Bucket

Weekly Grab ‘n’ Go Meal

Shrimp Creole

June 18 – June 24


Our Colossal, wild caught shrimp sautéed in our mild Creole sauce. A Louisiana favorite!

Microwavable ~ Ready in minutes!

shrimp creole

New Item!!!

Shrimp & Crab Au Gratin Cake
Chunks of our Colossal Shrimp blended with sweet crab Meat folded in a Smoked Gouda Au Gratin Sauce.
4 oz. $5.99

shrimp & crab au gratin cakes

New Grab ‘n’ Go Specials!

Try our new Grab ‘n’ Go Specials for a delicious quick & easy meal.

Shrimp Caesar Salad – $7.99

Lobster Rolls ($14.99 includes 2)

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